Optimize Your Hearing Aid

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While we offer our own standard variety of Beltone hearing aids, we also provide products that make everyday activities easier for those experiencing hearing loss. These additional devices go with your hearing aid to boost your hearing experience. With Bluetooth capabilities and streaming options, you’ll be able to make your hearing aid work better for your lifestyle.

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Improve the quality of your hearing aid

Our hearing aid products have unique capabilities. We have products that allow you to:

  • Pair your hearing aid with your smartphone.
  • Sync with an Apple or Android device, including iPhones, iPads, iPod touches and tablets.
  • Stream calls or audio directly from your device.

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Beltone Legend

Just like your fingerprint, your hearing is totally one-of-a-kind. That's why you'll love our revolutionary new hearing aid — Beltone Legend with Personal Sound ID™.

At home or on the road, in restaurants or at the movies, Beltone Legend's Personal Sound ID mimics how the ear collects and processes sound. It lets you instinctively select which sounds to focus on, unlike others that try and artificially choose for you.

Plus, Beltone Legend:
Offers unrivaled sound quality and speech understanding
Reduces wind noise
Blocks moisture and dirt with HPF80 NanoBlock Coating
Streams calls and audio directly from your favorite devices

Beltone First

A genuine breakthrough in hearing technology, and recent winner of both the coveted 13th annual Chicago Innovation Awards and 2014 Red Dot Award, Beltone First™ gives you new ways to hear the sounds you love.

Beltone First hearing aids with phone
Hearing aids made for your smartphone

Beltone First hearing aids receive clear, clean sound streamed from your iPhone, iPad®, iPod touch® and Samsung Galaxy®* smartphone…like tiny wireless headphones. And, a tap of your finger gives you a new way to hear:

Phone calls
Music & movies
Audio from videos & games
Turn-by-turn directions
FaceTime® conversations

Beltone Ally

Welcome back to better hearing and better life quality. A life where socializing with friends and family – or just watching TV – is rewarding, relaxed and stress-free.

Couple watching tv with Beltone accessories
Beltone Ally has a great collection of advanced features to help you hear better. With Beltone Ally you will stay in the conversation, even if the party gets a bit loud. The Sound Cleaner feature will help reduce the background noise. Speech Spotter will let Beltone Ally adapt to where the sound is coming from, so you can follow the conversation better.

Stream sounds from anywhere

With a direct wireless connection to your hearing aids, it's simple and convenient for you to hear your TV and stereo directly through your hearing aids, just like headphones – without the inconvenience of cables, a relay device or a connector around your neck.

Beltone Promise

Beltone Promise™ hearing aids are designed to simulate the way ears naturally process sound. As you encounter different sound environments each day, your hearing aids actually communicate with each other to automatically self-adjust. Sound feels just right and good hearing seems second nature.

Young girl with seashell
Beltone Promise comes in several popular styles—from customized completely-in-the-canal models to behind-the-ear varieties—and many more. Every style brings you the latest ways to hear crisp, clear sound, even in noisy places.

Beltone Promise features

CrossLink Directionality
Smart Gain Pro and Sound Cleaner Pro
Feedback Eraser with WhistleStop
Beltone's Personal Wireless Network
So much more!

Beltone Prime

A Beltone Prime hearing aid is worn completely within your ear. One part sits comfortably in your ear canal, out of sight. The other part sits tucked away in the curve of your ear. Nothing goes over your ear. So, there's nothing to see, and nothing to interfere with eyeglasses, sunglasses, hats or hair brushes.

Beltone Prime in the plam of hand
Micro—technology for major benefits

Natural Ear Directionality
HPF80 NanoBlock
Feedback Eraser with WhistleStop
Sound Cleaner Pro
AFX Music Mode
So much more!

Beltone micro-Invisa

The Beltone micro-Invisa™ offers magnificent sound in a miniature package. It hides within your ear canal.

Beltone micro-Invisa near ear
Hand-crafted for custom comfort

Our expert artisans meticulously sculpt your instrument to match the exact contours of your ear anatomy. As with any custom-tailored product, the fit is superb. You get maximum comfort, stellar acoustics, and a top-of-the-line listening experience.

Small size, big benefits:

Natural Ear Directionality
HPF80 NanoBlock
Feedback Eraser with WhistleStop
AFX Music Mode

Beltone Boost

Beltone Boost™ is one of the most powerful hearing aids on the market today. It's a robust and comfortable hearing aid that reconnects you to the sounds or conversations you might have been missing.

Office worker with tablet
Ergonomically designed for all-day comfort, Beltone Boost offers great power and more features than ever in a truly compact size.

Beltone Boost features:

iPhone®, iPad®, iPod touch® and Android® integration
Feedback Eraser
CrossLink Directionality
Smart Gain Pro and Sound Cleaner Pro
Beltone Wireless Accessories