Learn More About Hearing Tests From a Preferred Local Audiologist

Learn More About Hearing Tests From a Preferred Local Audiologist

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Whether you’re having trouble understanding what people say or experiencing difficulty following conversations when several people are talking, you can count on Beltone Hearing Care Center to pinpoint and address the problem.
Our audiologists utilize more than a decade of experience to conduct a computerized audiometric test to determine which sounds you’re hearing and which sounds you’re missing.

Our test centers on:
  • Speech understanding – Determining how well you comprehend words in an environment with different levels of noise.
  • Pure tone testing – Measuring whether or not you hear in the normal range.
  • Bone conduction testing – Discerning whether you have inner or middle ear problems if your hearing is not within normal range.
  • Ear anatomy – explaining the anatomy of your ear in detail so you can understand the test results.

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Feel like your old self again with improved hearing

Dealing with hearing problems can be frustrating. The audiologists at Beltone Hearing Care Center are committed to helping you improve your quality of life with hearing aids.

In addition to audiometric testing, we offer complete hearing evaluations and live hearing aid demonstrations. We also carry the latest technology in the hearing aid industry.

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