Reclaim The Sounds You've Been Missing Out On!

Reclaim The Sounds You've Been Missing Out On!

Try Beltone's New Technology With Beltone Trust

Beltone Hearing Care Center is a nationally renowed company with the newest hearing technology that comes in all shapes and sizes! Beltone's hearing aids can be personalized to fit all of your needs. Beltone Trust offers exclusive CrossLink Directionality 2 which assists in recognizing where sounds are coming from. Weather it is from behind or beside you Beltone Trust will help you identify the direction of sound.

Additionally Beltone Trust offers Remote Care. This extra features provides additional support in between your scheduled appointments. Remote Care has been paired with the new Beltone HearMax App which offers a convenient way to control your hearing aid day by day. This type of technology provides a solution for ongoing support with your hearing care professional.

Beltone Trust:

  • Automatically adjusts settings to your environment
  • Reduces feedback and wind noise
  • Blocks dirt and moisture
  • Streams calls and audio from your favorite device

Imagine how great you’ll feel with better hearing

Benefit from better familial relationships, more self-esteem and increased concentration with a hearing aid from Beltone Hearing Care Center. We’ll conduct a comprehensive hearing test to determine your range of hearing before fitting you for an aid.

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